Corrugated Board and Corrugated Box Making Machines

Packaging is important. It protects your products and can even be used to help customers find and purchase your items. Dongguang Baiying Carton Machinery is manufacturer of a variety of different machines used to create packaging for consumer goods. Our box manufacturing equipment includes slotters, diecutters and folder gluer machines among a whole list of other high quality items. We export to a number of different countries where we have developed a reputation for reliable and efficient equipment. In addition to our outstanding products, we also work hard to provide first class services.

Main products
    1. Printer Slotter and Die Cutter (High Speed)

      The high quality printing system of the printer slotter and die cutter features several roller components including a ceramic anilox roller, an embossing roller and a metal and rubber roller component.

    1. Printer Slotter and Die Cutter (Middle Speed)

      The middle speed printer, slotter and die cutter is an economically designed machine that performs high efficiency and high precision functions for cardboard packaging manufacturing.

    1. Flexo Printer Slotter (Semi-Automatic)

      The semi-automatic flexo printer slotter is produced using components that are supplied by trusted brand names.

    1. Printer Die Cutter (Semi-Automatic)

      This semi-automatic printer die cutter completes both printing and die cutting functions in order to produce cartons in one continuous process.

    1. Partition Assembler

      The partition slotter is a corrugated cardboard machine that forms slots in cardboard boxes that can then be filled with specially cut partition pieces in the partition assembler.

    1. High Table Flute Laminator

      The high table flute laminator features an automatic feed system that moves the bottom piece of corrugated board into the laminator for processing.

    1. Automatic Folder Gluer

      The automatic folder gluer is a high quality production machine that can process 150 paperboard sheets/min on average. It features energy efficiency and speed that makes this a highly sought after box production device.

    1. Single Head Stitcher

      This is our semi-automatic single head stitcher that features a dual servo drive for outstanding efficiency for carton production.

  • Service
  • Prior to Sale Provide various types of paper production line design schematics Large, medium and small carton manufacturers design

    After Sale Equipment installation, maintenance and use of training and guidance
    We are proud to provide door-to-door installation service as well as personalized training courses to your operators.

    Spare parts We work hard to provide you with reliable and long lasting machinery but some parts need to be replaced in order to perform proper maintenance and we produce a complete line to minimize downtime.