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Hardboard Production Line

The hardboard production line is manufacturing equipment that has been specially designed to produce cardboard composite material between 2 to 6 plies thick. The hardboard is significantly stronger than standard cardboard and can be used to make signs and sturdy packages.

Technical parameters and requirements
1. Design speed: 100m/min
2. Working speed: 40-80m/min
3. Working width:1600mm
4. Length of cutting paper: 500m-999m
5. Precision of cutting paper: +1mm
6. Cardboard thickness of crop: 3-4m
7. Output: 3-5T/H
8. The length of production line: about 40 meter
9. Voltage: 380v 50Hz three-phase four-wire system
10. Equipment total power: about 30kw(the practical power consumption is 50kw-60kw )
11. The quantity of use glue: per ply per sqm about 15-30g
Notice: customer oneself prepare part

1. An air compressor (0.67m ³), pipeline
2. Plastic pumps and pipes.
3. Power cord connected to the operation panel and line pipe.
4. Water, bottled water pipes, buckets.
5. Water, electricity, gas and ground plane installation civil engineering.
6. With the paper test, maize (potato) starch, industrial caustic soda, borax and other materials.
7. The device uses oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and grease.